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2022 Fall and Winter Collection                 

   Clothes in keeping with the times, to wear in any weather. A rubber specialist since 1853, Aigle perpetuates its unique expertise to protect people in nature. Armed with this heritage, the clothes combine authenticity, style and function. High quality standards and concern for detail are at the heart of the design of these collections, guaranteeing a fair and sustainable product. Appointed a year ago as the brand’s creative team, the trio behind Etudes Studio, Aurélien Arbet, Jérémie Égry and José Lamali have one clear objective: maintain the dual positioning as an outdoor and city brand, boosting the style with new creative and engaged designs. Their vision is resolutely more contemporary, with a certain new elegance. ‘Horizon’. This is the inspiration behind the Aigle Autumn-Winter 2022 collection dedicated to kids who like to shake things up and climb even higher. Like the outline of the flying eagle on the new logo, visible in particular on the range of unisex accessories. With its extensive expertise in protecting people, the children’s ready-to-wear line combines comfort and technical prowess (GoreTex® technology, Thermolite® EcoMade quilted padding, MTD® membrane) with modernised and varied outerwear. The range is extended to include everyday items (dresses, trousers, sweatshirts and t-shirts) for lifestyle outfits, timeless outfits and more - to wear all the time and whatever the weather. Outfits that match perfectly with the Lolly Pop rubber boots in all their colours (dark blue, red, yellow, pale blush and military blue). Two prints from the adult collections are showcased: a bird monogram reminiscent of the logo and a dip-dye effect, seen on the down jackets. The mantra for this season? Welcome to my world! A world that the brand would like to protect, putting eco-responsibility at the centre of all its choices, from its selection of materials to its suppliers. As a company with a mission, it commits to have 50% of its products eco-designed for the 2022 collections



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2022 Fall and Winter Collection                 

  Launched in 2013, BILLIBLUSH dresses mischievous, playful, coquettish, even a little adventurous girls who are never too precious. Its signature: a new take on princess codes, elegant and offbeat details, punctuated with touches of glitter and fluorescence for a creative, girly, energised and bubbly style. The Autumn-Winter 2022 BILLIBLUSH collection is exclusively dedicated to girls who make life a party! Starting with the bold addition of a pink that likes to be called Acroblush! Candy pink, fluorescent pink, tomato, light pink and flashy pink are easily jazzed up with yellow, lilac, indigo blue, ocean green and rice, a slightly iridescent off-white, not forgetting the must-have glitter touches. The casual style embraces fleece items (sweatshirts, dresses, trousers) with brand-new prints (fireworks, dip-dye). Fun and girly printed or embroidered images set the tone, turn the volume up and make some noise! Corduroy and multicoloured faux fur bring a touch of comfort to the Sweet Dream range and denim adds character to BFF outfits. The show must go on! Sequins, pleated metallic tulle, lurex knit, sequin fringes...nothing is too much to add even more shine. Keep calm and shine on! The Sport capsule is extending to include tops, leggings and tracksuits in fleece or lycra polyester, plain or all-over leopardskin, to mix and match however you like. The collection is completed with 4 exceptional dresses in colourful mesh with maxi frills and shiny sequins. It’s time to dare to dream. The babywear line is focused on an identical colour palette, with a fun addition of little mischievous pink rabbits or little cats



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2022 Fall and Winter Collection  

For 50 years, KENZO has been injecting positive energy and an infectious sense of freedom into life through brightly coloured, daring and limitless fashion that celebrates nature and cultural diversity. Founded in Paris in 1970 by Kenzo Takada, the fashion house has never stopped cultivating and reinterpreting the codes that make it unique: the mix of prints, the harmony of elegant colours and an exuberant creativity full of optimism and impertinence. Portuguese designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista has been running the creative department since 2019 and has instilled a new energy into the collections. KENZO Kids is the high-end, international and creative lifestyle brand specially designed for real-life children. The collections are inspired by the adult ranges while still providing an expressive style inherent to kids. Their icons (elephant, seasonal tiger, tiger’s friends, a winking eye), colours and specific stories create multicultural outfits for cool, urban and optimistic children. The KENZO KIDS Autumn-Winter 2022 collection celebrates a new world where joy is key; the clothes inject positive vibes in children’s everyday life. It is built around 4 themes called Energy, Jungle, Nova and Party and a palette of bright colours. Turkish delight pink, Tyrian purple, cranberry, thistle and petal answer to royal purple, midnight, misty and electric blue jazzed up with touches of white, marl grey, banana yellow and basil green. A palette designed to showcase all the iconic animals: the emblematic tiger, elephant, polar bear and leopard and, surprise, surprise, the giraffe who makes a noteworthy entrance, directly inspired by Kenzo Takada’s archives. On jersey t-shirts, fleece sweatshirts and trousers, on dresses, windcheaters and parkas, the images come to life, as does the embroidery and brand-new all-over patterns. Flowers are not to be outdone with a maxi floral print that accentuates the flowing shape of diaphanous pieces to create outfits steeped in poetry. The sport collection invests each theme with a new KENZO logo in the shape of a cross, appearing in the adult lines and giving outfits a more assured urban style. These renewed shapes come with new materials (Milano, technical interlock, two-sided fleece, nylon), which create a more winter feel in particular for fleece and outerwear items. This season, the ready-to-wear line also has a wide range of accessories, around 70 pieces, led by the brand’s best-selling iconic items and prints. The monogram, elephant and tiger appear on rucksacks and belt bags, caps and sun hats, hats and snoods as well as socks, tights and shoes. Low-rise and high-rise trainers with laces or velcro, rubber boots and moon boots finish off outfits perfectly. The Autumn-Winter 2022 season contains 25% eco-responsible products and 78% of t-shirts are today made in organic cotton.


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2022 Fall and Winter Collection  

Michael Kors is an internationally renowned American designer. Founded in 1981, the brand offers several lines: Michael Kors Collection, more luxurious and dedicated to women, Michael Michael Kors, more casual, also reserved for women, and Michael Kors Men, dedicated to men. Ready-towear, accessories, shoes, eyewear, watches, jewelry and fragrances, this lifestyle brand is the embodiment of casual glamour, timelessness, and jetset style. The line for children has a strong identity, mixing trends, colors, materials and prints for urban silhouettes in tune with the times, always with a touch of glamour. Adapted to the needs of all children, in their daily «active» life, as well as for special occasions, it oscillates perfectly between comfort and style, delicately declined from the adult collections presented in stores the same season. The MICHAEL KORS KIDS Fall-Winter 2022 collection is dedicated to little girls through modern and glamorous silhouettes, always designed with a touch of the unexpected. The silver and gold colors come to embellish many pieces in classic colors, bringing this «jet-set» identity dear to Michael Kors. Bright blue or glamorous red will awaken an iconic color palette while two strong animal motifs assert themselves. Zebra and leopard patterns can be found on fluid and elegant viscose cotton dresses but are also used on more sporty pieces such as down jackets or sweatshirts. The brand’s iconic monogram is suitable for children in its most classic brown color, but also revisited in more playful silver hues, worked both on warm and elegant knits and on technical and sporty materials. Finally, shiny sequins adorn dresses and skirts, illuminating the wardrobe with an elegant and always refined touch. Hats and scarves, bucket hats and caps, tights and socks, bags and shoes, the accessories come and go to complete the look. The silhouettes are therefore sport-chic, every day and glamorous, and sometimes even sophisticated. This wide wardrobe draws the outlines of a little jet-set girl, traveler and full of life.





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2022 Fall and Winter Collection  







Born in 1952 in New Hampshire, the Yellow Boot is the emblematic product of TIMBERLAND, leader in the outdoor market since 1973. Commitment, energy, practicality and authenticity: the brand’s key values are showcased through responsible actions to preserve the environment and reduce its ecological footprint, focused around ready-to-wear and shoe and accessory lines for adults and children. [We inspire and equip the world to step outside, work together and make it better.] The TIMBERLAND Autumn-Winter 2022 collection offers a new combination of outfits for boys, designed to be worn with the essential and emblematic yellow boots. Proof with a mini-me capsule collection inspired by pieces from the adult line: t-shirts and polo shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans while denim items are decorated with a badge like the famous yellow boots. Always ready for an outside adventure, boyswear is focused on perfectly designed equipment built around scarlet red, indigo blue and ink blue. Representing a new playing field, the city is expressed in images on t-shirts and on a camouflage print, returning in a geometric tone-on-tone version on fleeces, t-shirts and the down jacket. Technical fabrics provide their expertise for jackets and fitted tracksuits. Empowered by the elements, nature creates a brandnew all-over mineral print in mountain green and indigo blue, available in a parka. This two-colour style can also be seen in the wide stripes and timeless checks, jazzed up with touches of yellow. Tracksuits go bold with a ‘diamond’ quilted fleece. Down jackets boast a colour block style and the jacket returns in sheepskin for maximum comfort. Winter Essentials, easily identified with their tree logo, are designed to be mix and match or a complete outfit, astonishingly easy. The newborn range makes no compromises between day and night. It embraces the ‘Save the planet’ concept with a new totem animal, the polar bear, boasting an edgier design. Fabrics toy with extreme warmth: faux fur and softness with a herringbone pattern. This season once again eco-responsibility is at the heart of the brand’s concerns and represents 52% of its global offer. All the t-shirts and polo shirts are made in organic cotton. Jackets are in recycled polyester and padding uses Sorona® fibres.


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2022 Fall and Winter Collection  

Since 2015, CARRÉMENT BEAU has created a timeless style that writes the future in the present with its products designed to last. A classic style where modernity, poetry and edgy design intertwine. The clothes are designed and developed in France by stylists and pattern makers specialised in young children’s wear. Quality is the very heart of the manufacturing process. The even more sustainable and eco-responsible CARRÉMENT BEAU Winter 2022 collection is made with 72% organic cotton and also recycled polyester, with the baby collection entirely in recycled polyester. The recent redesign of the brand has meant the offer has been segmented from 1 month to 18 months for young baby and from 3 months to age 6 for baby girl and baby boy. The offer includes many childcare accessories and first step shoes. The exclusive prints designed in France appear on both baby and children clothes. The CARRÉMENT BEAU Autumn-Winter 2022 collection is a genuine tribute to softness in the materials, colours and prints. // For girls, autumn rhymes with lychee pink combined with redcurrant pink and fig, jazzed up with a floral print. For boys, the palette is built around cargo, denim and sapphire blues punctuated with a dog print. Winter has touches of nude and grey for girls, combined with a chocolate brown and cumin yellow around a deer print. Pride of place for boys are army green, cargo blue and grey, lifted with cumin in a little mountain bear print. // The baby range boasts meticulous and immaculate details: collars, embroidery, pockets, frills. For baby girl there is a timeless theme built around gold dots on a pink background and a unisex theme with a constellation print. Two perfect stories for baby’s first days! New products are making an entrance like the pyjabody, 2-in-1 pyjamas and bodysuit, the sleeping bag, leather booties and newborn hats as well as a wide range of socks. Pyjamas, bodysuits, hats, vests and matching trousers are also available in a new size for newborns. All pyjamas and accessories sets are sold in a gift box. The ideal gift for new parents